Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ulta3 Pastel Mini Collection

Quickie post tonight peoples! With feeling sick last week I decided to brighten my mood with an impulse buy from the pharmacy with Ulta3 having a 2 for $10 mini sets. Tonight I have a lovely Yellow Pastel from the Pastel mini collection. This little polish doesn't have a name which is sad, but its a very pretty yellow.

Ulta3 Pastel Yellow
Ulta3 Pastel Yellow, 2 coats with Seche Vite top coat

Ulta3 Mini Collection
 Ulta3 Mini me colors, very cute and lovely shades!

Ulta3 Pastel Yellow
 Lovely and opaque and quite flattering with my skintone

Ulta3 Pastel Yellow

For an impulse buy, albeit it not a super exxy one, I was pleasantly surprised with the formula and opaqueness of the polish. The smaller brush took a little bit to get used to but wasn't unmanageable. This was one of those colors that dried a little darker, and in the shade was quite yellow, and in the sun more pastel yellow. I actually like the smaller bottles as I am in 'travel' mode when I shop at the moment due to my impending holiday to America in September, this seems to be including polishes! Luckily my friend is very understanding of my polish fetish so will not stop me from coming back with lotsa pretties! 

Next post will have some stamping/bling of this gorgeous pastel yellow polish. See you soon :)

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