Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour- Antique Rose

Hi guys! OMG, 2013 is nearly here and I can see everyone getting their NYE mani's created and blogged about. I have a vague idea of what I am going to do ...I don't have a big night planned but that doesn't mean my mani can't be blinging and rockin'! LOL. Today I have a review of Gelicious Hybrid Gel Nail Colour as a system and the color Antique Rose. 
 I have to credit my interest in Gelicious Hybrid Nail Gel directly to a post on More Nail Polish and the amazingness of the swatch of color of Dip in the Pool. There was also mention that Gelicious might be contributing to nail strengthening and color stain protection. After my lovely Christmassy nails last week and using China Glaze Custom Kicks my nails have a fluro green tinge, gah! So I was particularly interested in getting the Optional Base Coat to try and protect my nails and grow out the staining and see how the Gelicous formula does to prevent breakages as well the shinyness Ultra Glaze Top coat..who doesn't need an Ultra Glaze finish!

So, I bought the Gelicious Kit which came with the Ultra Glaze top Coat and added in the extra Optional Base Coat and Antique Rose from Catch of the Day.
Gelicious Antique Rose
L-R. Gelicious Optional Base Coat, Ultra Glaze Top Coat and Antique Rose

In the kit was also the UV lamp to cure the polishes
Gelicious UV LED lamp

So as per the instructions, I removed my old polish, washed my hands and dried them. Then applied the optional base coat, cured it for 1 min under the lamp. I then did 2 coats of Antique Rose color with 1 min curing in between. I topped it with the Ultra Glaze Top coat and cured it for a further 2 mins in the lamp and I was done! 

Gelicous Curing Lamp use
Quite roomy in there! I am sure my toes will fit :)

Gelicious Antique Rose
The finished look- Antique Rose in sunlight. Coppery metal finish

Gelicious Antique Rose
 Antique Rose, outdoors no sunlight

Gelicious Antique Rose
Antique Rose in Lightbox

Gelicious Antique Rose
 Antique Rose with flash

Gelicious Antique Rose

Gelicious Antique Rose

Gelicious Antique Rose

I bought my Gelicious Kit from CatchoftheDay as Gelicious was and is closed for shipping until Jan 8th. There is intermittent specials around on Catchofday and the Gelicious website and with the Gelicious special on their website I am seriously considering the 4 polishes for $87 special they have at the moment. I can only comment on how the Gelicious Hybrid Gel Colour compares to nailpolish as I have never had Shellac, but I believe it hardens like Shellac does but applies with the ease of polish. 

What I Liked
You can smooth and refine the color application without fear of streaking or hardening due to drying.
The manicure was good to go after the Top Coat curing. No waiting. 
The Ultra Glaze Top Coat was nice and shiny, and easy to polish up some Acetone on a cotton ball.
Very little use of gel, so a little goes a long way.

My Issues
I had issues with the tip wrapping as I tried to wrap my tips as instructed but as you can see in the pics I wasn't so successful, especially on my ring finger, but for first application I was pretty happy. I am calling this one inexperience and will try again.
I also have a slight visible nail line which doesn't worry me but  makes me wonder if I need to apply the color a bit thicker or one extra coat. 
My other non application issue is that Gelicious doesn't have swatches of each color which would be beneficial for people to see how great the colors are, if the polish is meant to be sheer or opaque and what they look like with peoples skin tones.

What are you doing for NYE? Do you have a fab night planned? Tell me all about it.. I wish I had something awesome planned..


  1. Eye catching snaps! I like this shade and would like to try it as I have never used such color. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much :) It's a great color and is very sparkly in the sunlight! :)