Monday, 8 April 2013

Aussie Nails Monday- Candy

So..Candy or otherwise known as lollies or chocolate if you are from Down Under is all that is yummy and sweet treat-y. This week Aussie Nails Monday Challenge is a mani representing Candy, and if you caught my post yesterday you might gather I have been a little time poor :( With the change in Daylight savings I am going to have to pull out my lightbox as it appears to be dark when I leave for work and when I come home! So, this is a naughty cheat post *slaps own hand*..but it does have Candy in the title of the polish and it is very like wearing colorful lollies on your I have Jindie Candyland Remix for you :)
Jindie Candyland Remix
This is 3 coats of Jindie Candyland with on layer of Seche Vite

Jindie Candyland Remix

Jindie Candyland Remix

Jindie Candyland Remix
 Macro of neon can you not love neon hex glitter with neon microglitters??

This was super pretty and so fun to wear. It's one of those polishes that is subtle until people take a second and closer look and then its, look at meeeeee! Love it. Neon glitters are really big at the moment and you can see why, aren't they awesome? Well, enough of my lame attempt at Aussie Nails Monday this week. Make sure you check out the other participants, who probably did heaps better with much more creativity that me. LOL.

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