Saturday, 24 August 2013

China Glaze Great Barrier Beige- Revisited

Hi all! Hows your week been? I've actually had a good one, albeit a bit, study days and holiday planning. It's funny how when I talk to people about going on holidays for a month most immediately ask "So how many nail polishes are you taking?" LOL. My answer at the moment is "none" to "a few for stamping" as I have a list of polishes to purchase on my travels! 

Today I have for you a gorgeous beige cream from the China Glaze Down Under Collection released in 2005. I had these Aussie themed polishes muled to me from America as I just couldn't get them here! Great Barrier Beige is, well, a beige..and my original pics were with a lightbox. I really love how this beige looks with my skin tone so thought it was worth another swatch!. Here are my full sun swatches of this polish :)

China Glaze Great Barrier Beige

China Glaze Great Barrier Beige

China Glaze Great Barrier Beige

I have a few other of the China Glaze Down Under polishes that I haven't swatched..well, also quite a few other polishes as well if I am honest. I have put myself on a no buy for this month and whilst I am wanting a few newer release polishes the compulsion to buy is very much less, which I actually think is a good thing. I am excited about shopping overseas for both polish and clothes! I am going to post some nail art tomorrow or the next look out for that!


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