Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Violet Blaze

Hey guys, what is it with winter that saps the energy? I think it's going to work in the dark and the cold and then coming home in the dark and the cold that gets me, bleh. Trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon which means preparing and cooking food takes up way more time than I'd like. Although on my "free" day I have been searching for a Po Boy just like Killer Po Boys in NOLA, have found a reasonable substitute here in cold ass Melbourne, but there really ain't nothing like the real thing!

So, today I have for you something I received in my What's Indie Box which is an Indie box here in Australia. This months one was a holographic special which contained all holos! Yay. Here is Lilypad Lacquer Violet Blaze from what's indie box :)

 Wow, isn't that pretty! The holo is gorgeous of course, the Violet is the lovely purple pigment and the "Blaze" is actually a pink/red fleck that runs throughout the polish. Of course this is better seen in the shade..and I might have forgotten to get good shots of that without some nail, here is pics of Lilypad Lacquer Violet Blaze with stamping and french tip using OPI Push and Shove and a subtle accent nail on my pinkie of Nfu Oh 51. These pics are in a light box.

You can see especially on my middle finger that there is a lovely pink fleck running through the polish. This is prominent in the shade but in full sunlight the linear holo finish stand out. 
I am helping a friend move house on the weekend, so we'll see how the nails fare! Hopefully some catch up posts this weekend! Tomorrow is my Friday and I can't wait :)

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