Saturday, 5 January 2013

FNUG Psychedelic with Nubar New Years Eve Stamping

Hello, hello..I had the best of intentions with New Years and the whole resolutioning thing with one of the resolutions to post everyday..and I will be working my way up to that...hopefully by the end of the month. I find if I pressure myself too much then I start going the other way and start hiding under my doona cover! From the previous post you could see I had the fabbo FNUG Psychedelic on and to be honest I couldn't part with it for a few more for New Years I stamped that sucker with new years designs from a plate I picked up that I hadn't seen before! The plate is called MM02  from Messy Mansion and it looks like this:

Messy Mansion New Year Plate
Super cute New Years plate!

Here is my non-proper camera pics of the end results as I would randomly take photos in different lights of this mani with my iphone, hehe.
FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
FNUG Psychedelic with Nubar Pasadena Purple New Years stamping :)

FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
L-R) Party Streamers, Happy New Year text, a Firework and Balloons

FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
 Stamping pic in full shows that FNUG comes through the designs.

FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
 FNUG Psychedelic with stamping with inside lighting.

FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
Rainbow Bubbles in the car!

FNUG Psychedelic with stamping
 Gratuitous shot of the overall look. Love!

As you can tell, I really, really loved this polish, polish combo and stamping. I must say I don't think I am super hard to please sometimes. The FNUG polish held up well after 5 days wear, with some tip/side wear and no chipping as some holo polishes do. The bottom pic is with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat as I stamped and then did another top coat to preserve the stamping and the holo factor is not dulled at all.

The Messy Mansion MM02 plate can be found by clicking the link, and retails for $7. It is currently sold out but will be restocked and they post internationally, so yay! Messy Mansion are also planning a Medieval plate which sounds awesome so I will be checking back for that one :)

I also wanted to leave you with a tease of my nail mail yesterday..I can't wait to swatch them, oh so pretty!


  1. These nails looks great! Does holographic make everything look better? Sometimes I feel as though it does.

    I have never seen this Messy Mansion shop before. I am having a look right now. Too bad the plate you used is sold out.