Saturday, 16 November 2013

Lacura Apple

Hi guys! It's been a crazy week. TBH I really could have done without most of the week. Work makes me question why I get out of bed everyday and devote 10 hours a day to the shit that goes on sometimes. Some people I work with are Asshats, no seriously *sigh* To add onto that I some how missed my alarm to go to the Osteopath this morning, so my back..she no good. Ah well! I have Man of Steel to watch tonight with girl friends, I am sure that will perk me up.
 So here in Australia we have Aldi, a bulk buy german company that sell groceries and random stuff cheaply..and I quite like it. They have had awesome tweezers with and led light that are pretty darned good for $6. Since I dropped my old one (*cough* repeatedly! *cough*) and the light broke, I went to get a new one and they had $2.99 polishes of their brand Lacura there as well. I restrained myself and only bought three. So today I have for you Lacura Apple, a granny smith kinda green which I love!

Lacura Apple Green Polish
 Lacure Apple, 2 coats with top coat

Lacura Apple Green Polish
Love this limey green color :)

Lacura Apple Green Polish

Lacura Apple Green Polish

Well, I was pretty impressed with application and coverage for a $3 polish and I loved the color! It's a cross between granny smith green and lime and a bit brighter on the nail than in the bottle. I did do some nail art with this color but it was rubbish! Smudged it with the top coat. I will see if there are any pics that aren't a complete disaster, LOL.
Hope you are having a better week than I am..and thank goodness its the weekend!

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