Wednesday, 4 July 2012

China Glaze FYI

It's hump dayyyyy, so I thought I would pull out a fun swatch to get me through the week. China Glaze FYI of course :) Since starting polish collecting this year, I clicked pretty quick the China Glaze does amazing polishes and the most amazing of the collection is the China Glaze OMG collection. FYI was my first acquisition, so here she is :)
China Glaze FYIChina Glaze FYI
China Glaze FYI without and with flash..oooh see some rainbows! 

China Glaze FYI
FYI- just look at the work appropriate beige :)

China Glaze FYI
FYI with the flash..come on rainbows, stop hiding!

China Glaze FYI
 FYI with flash, very pretty gold looking but no rainbows :(

China Glaze FYI
 FYI- final attempt to capture some rainbow, with sunlight. The pic has to be big to see it, mkay?

So, I gave that my best effort. The holo effect is super hard to capture but the polish look so pretty in person, trust me? This is FYI with a base coat and 2 coats of FYI with no top coat. The Layla holos are easier to capture but there is no similar color like FYI, and the China Glaze application is alot easier. This is a work appropriate color for those of us looking for work appropriateness but with a secret of hidden blingyness :)

Hope your hump day wasn't so bad, and FYI brightens up your day.

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