Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ciate Advent Calendar

Hi all! I admit it..I am a sucker..I was out today at the local shopping center looking for OPI Avojuice and Soap & Glory's Handfood moisturizer after reading The Polishaholic's blog post on Manicure Basics. I found OPI Avojuice at retailer David Jones where they were having %25 of course I grabbed both Jasmine and Vanilla Snowflake to try.

OPI Avojuice JasmineOPI Avojuice Vanilla Snowflake
OPI Avojuice Jasmine and Vanilla Snowflake

I have already tried the Jasmine Avojuice and am loving the smell although not quite sure how hydrated my hands feel after application. The formula isn't greasy at all though and sinks in nicely.

I also spied this at the same retailer..but didn't purchase it. Maybe I can ask for this for Christmas..

This has Yodel Me on My Cell and OPI Ink. I am a sucker for pens as well :) 

The next thing I was trying to find was Soap & Glory's Handfood. I looked it up online an apparently Mecca Cosmetica are stockist. At Chadstone the Mecca Cosmetica chick looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for it and then said they had "lots of other lovely soaps". Erm, okay. Anyways, she gave me a catalogue on the way out and I saw on the first page that they stocked Ciate Mini Advent Calendars! I put my name down for one as they were out of stock and I just love, love, love the thought of opening a new polish surprise each day until Christmas. I did state that I am sucker in my first line of this post, remember.

Anyways, because patience isn't my greatest virtue I ordered the Ciate Advent Calendar online at Mecca Cosmetica as I want to have it for Dec 1st and they have free shipping over $75. I also picked up the Soap & Glory Handfood moisturizer which they have in stock online, so all in all a good day.
Ciate Mini Advent Calendar
Oooh, so pretty :)

On the lightbox front, I have a mini light box coming which I would love for it to hurry should be here next week. I have a super busy life (well, for me) in the next 2 months, so I hope I survive it, I do plan on having a post a day for the 24 days of Christmas..and through to NewYears! Thanks for reading :)

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