Monday, 12 November 2012


Hellooo, long time no blog. Things are still a bit patchy in my thanks for hanging in there with my sporadic blog posts and general lack of nail activity. I have issues going on.. but they don't affect me purchasing polish or wearing polish..just photographing it! I have decided to make my own mini light box as following Chalkboard Nails Lightbox tutorial. I do have a lightbox, but it's large and no where near where I polish my nails and the cats have taken it over, argh! 

Today I scrounged a spare cardboard box from the local hardware store whilst I was purchasing my bulk acetone. I also grabbed some glycerin so I can make my own nailpolish remover ala Zoya plus recipe which I hear is not as damaging to your skin. I came across this here loodie loodie loodie's moisturising with acetone so plan on giving it a go. I didn't manage to get the white tissue paper or lamp for the lightbox..but on my next day off I will :)

I did get some exciting nail mail today, my first Emily de Molly polishes!
Emily de Molly
Here is a pic of them in my Kitchen :) LOL
L-R, Harmony, Ego Friendly, The Fifth Element and Blue Moon (a custom for Aussie Nail Chicks)
They look so lovely in the bottles and I can't wait to try them on! If you are looking for some gorgeous handmade polishes then you can find these on etsy at  EmilydeMolly, or for international chicks soon to be found on Llarowe 

My nails of the day today are KBShimmer's Don't Teal Anyone, and here is some pics:
KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone
KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone
 KB Shimmer Don't Teal Anyone, 2 coats

After a few days I wanted to try some stamping, and for this I used the gold polish from the Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection
Essence A Piece of Forever
Essence A Piece of Forever

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone with gold stamping
 Essence A Piece of Forever over Don't Teal Anyone

As you can see, it stamps wonderfully! I know some people don't think gold polish is their thing but I still want to see what it looks like on it's own as it looks pretty good stamped :)

I will try and blog a bit more..hopefully after my lightbox construction on Wednesday I will be to take photos without as much hassle. Hope you stick with me as I appreciate you all out there! 

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