Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nubar Pasadena Purple Guest Post

Hey all! Yer, it's nearly 4am here and I am still awake. Why, you ask? I am have stupid neck/back pain. I woke up this morning in agony and like an idiot I didn't call my Osteopath when I should have. Can I just say this is not the first time I have woken up incapacitated from torticollis, or for the non medical, a wry neck that wont freakin' move and is agonizing  I've been having a hard week. Dentist appointment, doctors appointment and two trips to the vets for both my cats. *Warning Cat talk ahead* My little white cat had a funny lump which I fretted over and the vet thinks its a cyst, the next day my little black cat refused to come out from under the bed or eat post a cat fight outside. Considering how social and needy he usually is I was quite worried. Some antibiotics and time later he seems to be much better..he says hi from my lap right now! I'm also sad to here about TikiBarbie's Charlie who is so sweet and sick, so sending healing thoughts her way :(

Onto the polish.
Nubar Pasadena Purple Fishtail Mani
Purple! Flakie! Braidy!

I had the honor of doing a guest post for Cathy of More Nail Polish  and you can see it here: More Nail Polish Guest Post where I did the above half fishtail braid mani with lovely Nubar Pasadena Purple. I am sure you already know how fabulous Cathy and her blog are....but you can check out my  fully blog post contribution and that of other awesome Aussie Nails chicks on her blog. What are you waiting for? Go check it out. I'll have something fun for you tomorrow.. so see you then!

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