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It's pretty late and tomorrow (today) is Friday, which is my Saturday... which is awesome since I am so tired. Not sure this will be the most coherent post but since starting blogging it's been a steep learning curve and I've discovered things in this world that I didn't know existed. Beauty boxes is one of them. What is a Beauty Box? A month ago I wouldn't have I know they are little packages of makeup/skincare goodness with fun and interesting products to try. In Australia there are 2 companies that do these boxes, Lust Have It (Formerly Glossybox) and Bellabox that both deliver a package of beauty products to your door. I've been tossing up which to try since I heard of them and since a few of the girls have been saying how disappointed with their Lust Have It box (and the fact that I missed the June cut off for ordering) I ordered my first Bellabox. I put my order in 2 days ago and today my package was waiting, so fast! :)

 The box as it was delivered

 The box inside the box.

 The inside box just lifts out and has a lid on it

 When you open the lid, this is the first thing you see. A card with a theme and some of the products.

 This one is about Winter, clearly!

 The back of the card has an in depth description of the products and what they retail for. I didn't read the card before opening the box as I wanted to be surprised at what was in there.

 Under the card is the tissue paper sealed with a cute sticker. It really is like unwrapping a present!

The contents of my Bellabox, looks pretty good :)

So decanting my box out, you can see I received what was on the card. My first impression was two fold. "Yay, I love Pure Fiji" and "Darn, the Kiss nail stickers are pink"

My slightly more in depth opinion on the various products are, from Left to Right

Olea Olive Leaf Drops (Healthy product) - There are 4 individually sealed healthy lozenges, which according to the contents are healthy and will give you a boost if your are feeling run down, a great idea for winter. Very seasonally appropriate and will be used I am sure.

Phytocare Papaya Ointment (Multi-Tasker product) -  Oooh, a full sized product is great :) The Papaya Ointment can be used on the lips, sore nose from too much tissue use (the inevitable winter cold) and also dry cuticles! I am definitely going to be able to use this for a variety of different purposes and excited to have it.

Benefit The Pore Professional (Cult Product) - I've not used any Benefit products so this little sample of a pore minimizer for use under or over make up (didn't know you could use over make up!) is fun and if it helps with my skin and large pores, yay! Benefit is a cult product that I do always walk past and wonder what they are like.

Fan De Fendi Fragrance (Fun Loving product) - Never heard of this Fragrance, but more than happy to give a sample a go. Not a huge fan of sachet samples, at least it's not something you just peel back and rub on your wrist but it's not a little vial sample which I prefer. The package is nice and glossy and give you lots of info. Wonder if it smells fun?

Pure Fiji Body Butter (Decadent product)- Love, love, love Pure Fiji. I'm already a fan of the Pure Fiji products and actually have the Coconut Milk and Honey Body Lotion, so the Body Butter little container is great. I get to  try the different formula, it's handy to put into my handbag and I can probably even refill this when I've used it :) Happy camper here.

Gatineau Aqua Memory Moisture Replenishing Cream (Hydrating product) -  This is a high end moisturiser (from the name and the price of the full product). This is something I would never try so it's great to get a sample and see how this perform as I wouldn't just go out and buy it, and it's very appropriate for winter.

Kiss Dress Nails (DIY Perfection)- So, I was so happy to get a nail product. I have seen Kiss nail stickers and wondered what they were like! My happiness was overshadowed by the color choice that I received. I don't like pink. These are very pretty, don't get me wrong. I just won't wear them :( 

Overall I am pretty happy with what I received for my $15! I will use all of these products except for the Nail stickers. I like how the Bellabox gives you different categories of products and they have a variety of things. Bellabox gives you products based upon a Beauty Profile which ensure appropriate products BUT they do not include a question about nail polish preference, which being a lacquerhead I would appreciate :)

Wow, this turned out to be a big blog post! Sorry about that but I get excited about new-to-me things. Will I get next months Bellabox, you betcha  :) Would I recommend it? Based on this month, yes...but I would like to see if it is consistently good in the next few months. Cautiously optimistic I am :)

Disclaimer: This is not a promotion of this product, I purchased this item with my own money.

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