Friday, 1 June 2012

Cheeky Plates and Kleancolor Military Green

I managed to go a whole day with plain (duochromey) nails with OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard before sitting down and trying to decide on how to glamorize them just that bit more :) Lo and behold when I came home very late from my shift last night the stars had aligned and my Cheeky Plates had arrived! 
The Cheeky Plates 2012 are the second version of their stamping plates, until now there has been no international shipping. I ordered a set as soon as I heard they were available and the expidited shipping was only a $1more. They arrived within 2 weeks and I was very excited to get them.
 The package from Hong Kong, via Canadian ordering :)

Plates with the Blue Plastic

The plate designs closer from the website
The plates themselves look exactly like the Bundle Monster plates when you remove the blue plastic. The interesting thing about these plates is that they are non consecutively number after 17! It jumps to 20 and then continues until it skipps28 and ends in 29. So strange. I thought I was missing plates initially :/ So, how do they print? Pretty darned well. There is a slight technique difference in these plates, less firm scraping and a bit more light handed. The designs are awesome and I was excited to try a few :)

Anyways, on to the application of a few of the designs. I couldn't decide so I did 14 different ones! LOL. To stamp I used Kleancolor Military Green (105) and did some accent glitter with China Glaze Jade-d Crackle Glitter.  No I didn't use it as a crackle but it worked just as well as plain 'ole glitter and the color match was great. Top coat was Seche Vite.

Left Hand with Jade-d on Ring finger

Left Thumb, the bow tip is the Cheeky design, the other is from an OB plate, Jade-d accents

Left hand with Flash.

Right Hand using Cheeky Plates, Jade-d on Ring Finger, ring finger looks a little bald but it was just the light!

 Right Thumb, Jade-d accents

With Flash (and cleaned up a bit more!)

The photos don't do this justice, it was pretty late and they reflectiveness of the polish gets in the way of great pics :( I was really happy with how the Kleancolor complimented the Gold-Green shift and the Jade-d gave it a bit more bling. I can't wait to perfect the Cheeky designs and use them again.


  1. Wow - this is really gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much :) It's not perfect but promising some fun designs!