Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sweet Violet, Bundle Monster and Floam, oh my!

Ulta3 Sweet Violet

Today, in continuing with the purple theme I seem to have going is Ulta3 Sweet Violet, but before I get into the swatch I want to blabber on about some of the thing I am finding exciting in the polish world.
First of all Bundle Monster are releasing their new plates on June 20th! I am so excited as I love my BM plates and stamping. Sarahlouise at Spellbinding Nails has the down low on the various plates and the date release, June 20th :) There are some awesome designs coming out and even if you're not the best stamper these plates are pretty easy compared to some of the fauxnad and even konads that I own. You need these plates, trust me! The BM plates can be found on Amazon in both the USA and UK and the last time I ordered them from the US there was international shipping to Australia, it was not too expensive and delivery was quite quick.

Here is a sample of the plates that excite me:
Bundle Monster
How awesome will the little skull tip stamp look?

My next excitement is that after blog sale stalking, I have bought (it's on the way) a bottle of Floam! Yes, yes..floam is old hat to everyone else but I have been majorly lemming this little bottle of matte neon goodness. I always seem to miss when it's in stock at Ninjapolish :(  I was watching a bottle selling on ebay just out of interest and do you know what that sucker went for? Wait for it......$80!!! That was without the shipping. Someone must have been uber keen to own this little bottle of floamy magic.
 Now whilst I appreciate it is hard to get, its not obsolete so I think this kinda price madness is a bit OTT for this point in time. My bank balance would refuse to cough up for that much for a bottle of polish :) Floam isn't for everyone but I am looking forward to doing a gradient mani kinda like this one at My Polish Stash
So pretty!

I have a lil bit of nail mail on the way at the moment, so I am checking the mail box frequently with little avail :( Hurry up polish goodness and get to me! Floam in amongst it, as is a few of the China Glaze OMG collection that I am slowly but surely tracking down. I can't resist the bling. If anyone has any that they want to part with for a reasonable price email me! 

Anyways, enough excitable chatter and onto the swatching of Ulta3 Sweet Violet. Now this is not a super special polish, but it's pretty and has a metallic finish that I think will stamp wonderfully. This is with a base coat, 2 coats of Sweet Violet and no topcoat.

Ulta3 Sweet VioletUlta3 Sweet Violet
 Sweet Violet without flash and with flash ( I can imagine a blue-ish shimmer?)

Ulta3 Sweet VioletUlta3 Sweet Violet
No color change but just a lovely lilac metallic finish

Ulta3 Sweet Violet
The metallic finish would be even shinier with a nice Seche Vite coat I think.

Thanks for a having a look at my ramblings today, and tomorrow nail polish is going to be, you guessed it...purple! You just can't have enough purple in my opinion :)


  1. I can't wait for the Bundle Monster set! I'll be getting it as soon as they are available. I'm lemming Floam but I wouldn't pay $80 for it! Lucky girl for finding it on a blog sale. :)

  2. Ooh I want Floam too but $80 is crazy! Sweet Violet is lovely! I might finally get around to trying my bottle :)