Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kleancolor Coffee Addict

Can I just say first, it's been a day. I am sitting here with one of my cats making my lap toasty and my inclination to get up and do anything is very low. My brain has been fried by my very full 10 hour shift, but I do have enough brain energy left to think about how Floam would look in a jelly sandwich and that I really should give that a go on my designated Floam Friday :)
I also just watched The Nailasaurus You Tube's that she has done about questions people ask her. Her accent is divine and you can see she just loves polish and is a perfectionist. Her technique and art is awesome and I want to have cuticles like her when I grow up! The bloopers are hilarious...I think she laughs like me, LOL, so go check her out if you haven't seen her blog.
he other excitement for today is that the new Bundle Monster plates were released and like every other polish stamping lover I have ordered my set and will wait with eagerness to try some fabbo new designs. I wish a could design a stamping plate with cute medical related designs....I can see it in my head now! Orright, enough babble..onto Kleancolor goodness..

Kleancolor Coffee AddictKleancolor Coffee Addict
 Kleancolor Coffee Addict without and with flash

Kleancolor Coffee Addict
Gold with brown coffee tones?

Kleancolor Coffee Addict
Coffee brown with Gold tones?

Kleancolor Coffee Addict
Coffee Addict with flash highlights the metallic shimmer effect

Kleancolor Coffee Addict was applied in one, yes, that is one coat over a base coat. The coverage is just awesome but drying time is the one let down although I am willing to live with it for the colors they have (oh and a quick dry top coat does wonders). Coffee Addict would make a great stamping polish and I like the more muted tones for winter.

Hope you liked my swatch of Coffee Addict and sweetaholic-beauty has informed me that sells Kleancolors for $1.75 but I don't know how much postage it!


  1. Ohhh I love this colour, will have to try it! (Also postage depends on weight so... yeah lol)
    Thanks for the mention too!

    Your nails look fab! :)

  2. Hey, my favourite colour. Infact, I am having this clour of nailpoish on my nails too.
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