Tuesday, 29 May 2012

China Glaze and OPI haul

Evening all...well I did make that trip to the beauty supply store with the best of intention of getting "just a few" must-have polishes that have been making it onto my wish list..and I might have gone a little nuts. I am very happy but poor now, LOL!

   The Haulage
So what is there?? I am sure you can make out a few obvious ones..but here is the list

Orly After Party (So hard to photo, so referenced The Polish Aholics) 

OPI DS Extravagance and Magic
These are my first DS's :)

         OPI Number One Nemesis & Just Spotted the Lizzard    
These are Chanel dupes I believe :)                  

OPI Last Friday Night & Not Like the Movies  

OPI Suedes  We'll Always Have Paris, Lincoln Park After Dark, Ink, Suzi Skis the Pyrenees
I've heard how awesome the Suedes are, so couldn't resist!

China Glaze FYI

China Glaze Light As Air, Anklets of Amethyst and Spontaneous

China Glaze Sci-Fi, Awaken and Frostbite
Frostbite looks more awesome in real life :)

China Glaze Below Deck and  Sea Spray

China Glaze Bad Kitty, Bad Landing B-Girlz and Fly

This one was 50cents from Coles!

 I am very excited to try some looks with all my shiny new polishes...especially some of the OPIs.. I think no buy July is going to have to come into effect. That still leave June though! :)


  1. Phoar what an epic haul!! Well done some lovely polishes there.

  2. How much were they and where did you buy them from? I'm so jealous. xx