Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kleancolor Jelly Sandwich

So tonight I have a quick change of polish after taking mine off today midway through the day because of performance appraisals. I don't have a problem with my polish but I am sure not every one thinks all my colors are "work appropriate"! So the black Orly Androgenie mani went and tonight I created a quick mani so I wasn't naked.....a Jelly Sandwich!

I wasn't quite sure which way to go with the sandwiching colors, but I thought pinky/nudes were quite safe so the first color I applied was Kleencolor 151 Sheer Pastel Cocoa with 2 coats so there was no nail line.

Kleancolor 151 Sheer Pastel Cocoa
Next was Kleancolor 192 Afternoon Picnic for the glittery goodness

Kleancolor 192 Afternoon Picnic
I then used Picture Polish Nude as the top layer of my sandwich

Picture Polish Nude, Jelly Sandwich
A top coat of Seche Vite and the result...a sheer nude glittery sandwich!

Not 100% sold on my Sandwich of choice. I always love the thought of nude nailpolish, but I think it makes me look a little dead! Overall I like the Sandwich look :)  I do love the Kleancolor Sheer Pastel Cocoa...will have to do a nail stamp with it as a base in the future. The only issue I had with the Kleancolors (apart from that they are very smelly apparently, but I have a terrible sense of smell!) is that the Kleancolors can be a little thick and not very fast to dry. I didn't rely on just my Seche to make sure didn't kill this manicure, I added a few drop of OPI Drip Dry to make sure it fully drys before I go to bed. It seems to have worked a treat after the recommended 5 mins. 

I am currently taking photos of my nailpolish choices with my phone camera..yes, it's not the best it can be but I do have a proper lightbox which I am setting up this weekend so hopefully the quality of my pics will be getting better!

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