Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fab Ur Nails Plates

I was just about to dash out the door this morning when the post man came knocking on my door with a delivery for me, yay! In my eternal search for polish and stamping plates I came across Fab Ur Nails blog who sells plates that I haven't seen around before. These included stamps of Transformers, Hello Kitty etc and a puzzle design that I just had to have. The ordering process was easy, the smaller plates were $1.62 US and the larger plates I was after were $18.75.  So I placed my order around the end of April and today my plates arrived!

They package didn't look that impressive 

But the content was!

So, here is a few photos of my new stamping plates. I have MJ plate, Fun2 plate and OB plates 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31.

Fab Ur Nails

MJ Plate
MJ Plate, upside photographed better! There is a barcode that looks great on it up the top.
Puzzle Stamp
Puzzle Close up

Fun 2 Plate
Fun Plate 2
Hello Kitty stampBabushka and Coffee stamp

 Close up of Hello Kitty pattern, Babushka and Coffee addict..that's me!

Onto the Small Plates

I love the busted up Skull and the bows, so bow-ie.

Doesn't the skull/crossbow pattern look awesome!

 Some really cute designs on this one.

The cats look alot better in real life!

 The horsey is so cute

Everything is better with a Ninja :)

Close up of the funky design on OB24

 Dotties and Squiggles galore.

This plate pic was even harder to take with the plastic off!

 Extreme close up!

OB 31 Plate
 The frog and bunny look so cute!

So, there is my nail stamping plate haul. I am pretty exciting to give most of these images a crack. I have a whole bunch of other fauxnads that have alot of floral patterns and to be honest, I am not super into floral stuff when I think of designs. So these suit me great. I will post with an update on how well these stamp when I give them a whirl on Thursday. You can get these off ebay if you search for QA stamping plates but they do come in around $5 each


  1. Hey Jas, I know this was a while ago, but do you happen to remember approx how much postage was? I really want a couple of plates but I've heard that shipping is about $19 and I don't know if I want them THAT badly haha.

    1. Anthea, I really can't remember! But they do send you an invoice for your proposed package and you don't have to proceed if you don't like the postage. From what I do remember it was on the exxy side.

    2. Urrrrr thats so annoying. It's a damn plate! I swear people make profit off postage fees. The plate I want is also available on shoppe eclecticco, but the plate is $8 more from them than it is straight from Fab. Guess I'll just find out how much it is with postage from Fab and work out which is cheaper >.< Thanks!