Friday, 25 May 2012

Ulta3 and Mode haul

Just a quick post on what I hauled yesterday at the local shopping centre. I went to Coles to try and find some Ulta3's..and they didn't have any :(  My Terry White Chemist had just ordered a whole bunch in though :) I dived the bargain bin until I came out with a few colors that look awesome! The same chemist also had a Mode stand that was a bit tired, but I picked out 2 colors that seem lovely. First the Ulta3.


Ulta3 Nail polish

Ulta3 Nail polish

Ulta3 Nail polish

Ulta3 Nail polish

   I don't have to give you a run down of their names as they are conveniently on the front of the bottle :)
I think Envy will do well with nail stamping, as with Lily White. Allure called to me as I only have one other nude, and I'm trying to find one that goes nicely with pale as skin (ie mine).  Purples draw me always, the Twilight Fever I would have overlook if I hadn't seen it swatched out on the More Nail Polish blog. I am slowly collecting a few more reds with the English Rose and Pepper Pot..and the Mohita and Hollywood are just irresistible as they are out there and a challenge to work into a regular mani! There are a few Ulta3's I am lemming after....Blue Marlin, Spring Shower, Blue Heaven, Mermaid Green, Blossom Fever, Sweet Violet and Fire Truck. I am sure I will gather them all eventually.

 Now onto the Modes
Mode Chillax
This one is called Chillax, it's a medium blue with a light blue super shimmer to it. I just love the name...Chillax! LOL.

Mode Green SparkleMode Green Sparkle

This one is called Vishous Venom (thanks Rebecca) and has a vibrant green sparkle to it. The right hand pic shows how a truer color.
So that's all I have for tonight, hope you have some of the Ulta3 and if not, start seeing them as the great polish they are!


  1. Great haul! Looks like you got the made in PRC version of Lily White which means it will be good for stamping. The made in Australia version isn't. There's two different versions of Purple Passion too, the colour is different depending if it's the AU or PRC version. Looks like yours is the AU version. The PRC one is pink.
    It's fun spotting the Ulta3 differences :)
    Have you checked out the blog sale at She has a heap of mode polishes for sale for including a green called Vicious venom that looks like yours.

  2. Thanks Rebecca, I wasn't aware of the difference in the Lily White..but I did have a look and checked the consistency before I bought and thought it might be good for stamping (oh and to check the brush..who likes a dodgy brush!) There were 2 different versions of the Purple Passion there, I thought it might be just a different batch.
    I've just checked out Konadlicious blog sale and *may* have emailed her about a few polishes, heheh. I agree, Vishous Venom is the green I have :)