Monday, 21 May 2012

Gumleaf Mafiette!

 Woot! Very excited to be allowed to join the Gumleaf Mafia..the place for Aussie Beauty Bloggers. I am just starting out in the blog/nailpolish world and there are sooooooo many wonderful chicks who do amazing things. I like being able to share what makes me happy everyday when I look at my nails! Here is the link to other amazing and talented people Gumleaf Mafia

   Today I was out and about at the local shopping centre and hit up Hairhouse Warehouse for the new Layla Mirror Effects, they have only just received the Magnetic Nail Polishes by Layla but they assure me they are getting the Mirror Effects in. The advertising for the Layla Mirror Effects sucks me in everytime. How awesome does her nails look!

I have my name down to be contacted when they arrive in store. The back up plan is to order it directly from the Layla website in Italy, but the postage isn't cheap! I ogle the swatches posted on More Nail Polish fairly frequently and although I have China Glaze Millennium, Devotion etc and the Stargazer Chromes (see below) can there ever be enough blingtastic nail polish in this world????
Stargazer Chrome
L-R, Stargazer 234, 236, 235, 232
If anyone would like some Stargazer stuff, I  ordered my Stargazer Chromes directly from Stargazer via their website The polishes were £3 each and the signed for delivery for the 4 polishes was £6.93.

Whilst I was at Hairhouse Warehouse I also picked up a Murrays Manicure Crystal Small Nail File ($14.95)  as I don't have a glass nail file yet. It comes in a cool black pouch and is black and blingy on the top! It's the simple things that make me happy :)

 Murrays Manicure Crystal Glass File

Last but not least The Trace Files is having her 4000 follower giveaway! She has an awesome blog and the chance to win vouchers for Llarowe and Harlow & Co which have polishes that I covet- Girly Bits, Enchanted, Nubar and Models Own to name a few. You can check out her giveaway HERE,


  1. Dang, $15 for a nail file?! That's crazy. I have seen plenty of crystal/glass files for much much less. But yes, they are amazing. I actually got one for free in one of my Allure Beauty Boxes and love it.