Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesdays NOTD!

Quick and dirty post for today ie, iphone pics cos I being lazy on holidays, hehe...I felt like putting on some brighter colors now that the sun seems to be coming out more, thank goodness. What's brighter than China Glaze Japanese Koi? Not much! I felt like my nails matched the workmens high-vis vests or witches hats (traffic cones)..what do you think? I did an accent nail with Inglot 205 which was kinda like fish food flakies and I love it! Going to gradient and stamp it tonight..can't wait :)

China Glaze Japanese Koi
China Glaze Japanese Koi..4 coats!

China Glaze Japanese KoiChina Glaze Japanese Koi
Bottle pics, without and with flash..the flash shows the neon-ness!

China Glaze Japanese Koi
 Dark neon orange in this light

China Glaze Japanese Koi

 Traffic cone neon!

China Glaze Japanese Koi
 Lighter neon orange in this light!

China Glaze Japanese Koi

China Glaze Japanese Koi
 Even with 4 coats you can see a bit of visible nail line. The coats did dry very quickly though!

Cheeky Plates
 What I got in the mail yesterday!

Loving the neon orange more than I thought I would as I was going to stamp over it immediately but glad I didn't! The inglot flakie worked perfectly to look like glowey fish food flake, LOL.

The last pic is my Cheeky stamping plates which came in the mail yesterday. I can't wait to try out some of the larger plate designs tonight! 

Do you like the neon orange? Have you got your Cheeky Stamping plates yet??

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