Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Where have I been? I was in the midst of the Halloween challenge a few weeks ago..then things got hard. Hard at work, hard at home and just hard in general. So quick catch up and then onto things that are polish. Things are still hard at work..I am the kind of person that will be very loyal, and I've just had that thrown back in my face with disrespect and rudeness. It's pretty crushing to the as a result..well, just lets say I'll be keeping to my own and keeping my eyes out for opportunities. Home, well..lets not go there and in general..I just broke a frikkin nail SO bad it's bleeding. Crap on a cracker. I've just had to do a teabag/glue repair to stop half my nail falling off in a painful bloody mess..and filing it down as we speak to give the horrid break time to grow out. I broke it on my car steering wheel for freaks sake! Grrr.

Sucks to be me a the moment!

Polish wise.. I have some pretties coming in the is a photo exhibit of things to cheer me up and to look forward to :)
Girly Bits Smurf Dance!

Dollish Heart of Glass (pic courtesy of

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Hare Bury the Hatchetfish

Hare King of Carat Flowers

Another exciting thing is the introduction of Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 I looking forward to the movie? Hmm..I will probably go see it as I have seen the rest but am not super hyped. The Essence collection on the other hand is exciting!

 I picked up the 2 lip glosses, the polishes and the blush/shimmer power today. Not going anywhere near the loose eyeshadow, the gold shimmer lipstick was okay but it's a top coat  and when I tried the glitter eyeliners the glitter was a bit sparse and not very pigmented for my liking! I am not a beauty blogger, so will be showing you the polish only.

There are 4 polishes and I picked up all 4 today..or so I thought..I actually have 2 of the dark blue polish and none of the purple one that I wanted. GRRRRR. So I will call up tomorrow and see if the store will hold the purple polish for me to exchange after work tomorrow. See, I told to be me today. So off I go to file down all my nails..and have a piece of coconut/almond slice with cream and a coffee. I am sure that will take the edge off my mood..LOL.


  1. Aww, poor luv. It must have been one of those days cause j had a "sucks to be me" kinda day too! I'd love to know what the Essence Blush looks like actually cause I wouldn't mind getting it, tho probably won't cause my Target SUX! They're slack re-stockers. Hope tomorrow's better!:-D

  2. Love all your polishes! So sorry for all the bad stuff going on though! Tomorrow starts a new month so hopefully a new happy start!