Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hi from the USA!

Hi guys, sorry it has been so long. I thought I would have some time to blog whilst traveling overseas. Boy was I a bit wrong! So far I have trekked all over San Fran, Yosemite, New York, Washington DC, Nashville and Memphis. We are head to New Orleans tomorrow. So have I been doing my nails? Yes! Here is a bit of a catch up post :)
    Holo skittles for the Airplane and San Francisco :)

     Holo on the hop on and off bus :)

   New York Nails...part 1

 New York Nails done at the Sephora Nail bar using Marc Jacobs polishes :)

    Washington DC nails. Dodgy clean up though! I used a Wet n Wild white and it was sooo hard to work with!

   Nashville Nails, no particular theme though!

     Graceland and Memphis nails. Simple but bling as all get out! 

The nails have taken a beating with all the suitcases and packing. 2 broken ones so far. Only one was unsalvageable, hence a pretty short middle finger here. 

Have been picking up polishes as I go, Hard Candy, Fantasy Makers, Spoiled and some Sally Hansen. Still have Nee Orleans, Orlando, Vegas and Hawaii to go!
Talk soon :)

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