Thursday, 31 January 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Black and White

Okay, it's not Monday, its Thursday...and I am super late with this post. This mani for Aussie Nails Monday was Black and White and because I have been sick for the last 2 days with fever, cough and just generally dying (swan-like!) I wasn't super creative. So today for my Black and White I did a gradient...

Black and White Gradient Manicure
For this look I used a base of Ulta3 Lily White, then a gradient of Ulta3 Lily White, Nubar Citadel and Nubar Silver Sword and Ulta3 Satin Black

Black and White Gradient Manicure

Black and White Gradient Manicure

Then, because I couldn't leave well enough alone I did a coat of Sparkles by Julie Sugah!
Black and White Gradient Manicure with Sparkles by Julie Sugah

I think perhaps I should have stamped on top of the gradient? Although I was pretty happy with this when I added the bling of Sugah! It was just what this needed to complete the look :) Hope you catch the what the other participants did..probably more creative than mine!

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  1. I like the glitter on top, although stamping would've been beautiful too!