Friday, 8 March 2013

Hello lovely ladies! TGIF I guess :) Friday is never a bad day although I am working tomorrow. I have for you today an Australis polish that is just super fun and definitely keeping up with the trend of glitters in a milky base..and funnily enough, this one is called Milky Way! This was one of the 3 latest release polishes to dazzle the Aussie market..and of course I had to hunt out all three. 

Australis Milky Way
Australis Milky Way 3 Coats with top coat

L-R, Milky Way, Space Jam and Glitter Strikes Back.
Photo Courtesy of Beauty with the Beautifool.

Australis Milky Way
The white milky base has blue micro glitter and large multicolor ones that float as you layer.

Australis Milky Way

Australis Milky Way
 Look..all da glittahs!

I really loved how Milky Way built up on the nail and I had fully opacity with 3 coats. I did wait longer than usual between each coat so I had no dragging and even coverage.The blue microglitters can make the polish look a bit blue in the bottle but the base is definitely white and white on the nail. Like quite a few of Australis glitters there can be some *cough* tacoing *cough* but it was managable and covered with 2 coats of Seche Vite. I very much enjoyed wearing this polish and will be bringing you the other 2 at a later date :)
So a winner or a loser for you guys?

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