Monday, 20 May 2013

Aussie Nails Monday- Lace..and Leather and Curtains!?

Evening chicks, welcome to tonight's quickie..a quick blog post that is ;) I spent the weekend doing a post for a bit later down the track that was super impossible to photograph color-true so I had 4 different attempts at various times of the day with 2 different did my head in! I had time to do something for today's Aussie Nails Monday where the theme was Lace. I wanted to make this look tough and to stamp with my new Pueen plates I received in a group buy organised by one of the awesome Aussie Nails chicks.. thanks Nicole! Anyways, my take on this was Leather and Lace, which then turned into Leather and Lace Curtains..take a look!

Nails Inc Leather Noho with black and white lace stamping
 L-R, Nails Inc Leather Noho, CG Liquid Leather stamped with Ulta3 Lily White, same for ring finger except reversed and Nails Inc Leather Noho again.

Nails Inc Leather Noho with black and white lace stamping
I framed the middle and ring finger with "curtains"

This was a fun look and it sort of evolved as I did it. I was keen on the leather and lace, but my friend Emma said the stamping looked like old fashioned curtains..and it does! So I added the "curtains" to frame the lace. This it worked best on the black with white stamp I feel and the other was a bit of a fail, but I gave it a go! I really loved Nails Inc Leather effect in Noho, it just so tough looking. I am keen to play around with it a bit more.
Well, this is the end of the quickie...hope your Monday was awesome!

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