Monday, 1 July 2013

ANMonday- China Glaze Sci Fi

Hi Guys, long time no post! I've been out of control busy and falling asleep on the couch after work last week. I don't know what is up with me, maybe I am getting sick (sheesh, not again). Either way between life getting in the way of polish and general fatigue..I have been pulling my hair out to try and figure out Rafflecopter for a giveaway. Okay, so maybe I spent 10 minutes on it before I gave up, but I will give it another go. I want to do a giveaway for 100 followers, darn it!! If anyone has any tips, email me :)

Today's ANMonday theme is Sci Fi, now me being a smarty pants I decided to be literal and did a mani using China Glaze Sci-Fi :) Sci-Fi is an amazing light silver blue/purple polish that stamps like a boss, so of course to keep in theme I rolled out the aliens and outer space ...
Ulta3 Triple Threat with China Glaze Sci-Fi Stamping
 Ulta3 Triple Threat with China Glaze Sci-Fi stamping using Cheeky Plates

Ulta3 Triple Threat with China Glaze Sci-Fi Stamping

Rocket Ships, Aliens and Galaxys oh my!

Ulta3 Triple Threat with China Glaze Sci-Fi Stamping
I particularly like the Alien on my little finger, he's pretty cute :)

Ulta3 Triple Threat with China Glaze Sci-Fi Stamping
One last shot, in the sun to show the sparkle of Ulta3 Triple Threat

So, I really like how this turned out..Ulta3 Triple Threat is an awesome black polish with multi color glitters which is so pretty. CG Sci-Fi stamps and contrasts nicely. Do I love my photos?? Erm, no..they suck a little bit. Sorry about that. Just one more thing to add to my NQR week! Anyways, I feel good that I got a post out and participated in ANMonday. Hope you guys are having a great week..filled with polish and time for polish :)

Oh, PS..Google Reader, going away...blah blah. Make sure sure you follow me with Bloglovin' to keep up with my posts, stellar or not as they are sometimes! LOL.

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