Saturday, 3 May 2014

OPI Taylor Blue..and sorry it's been so long!

Oh my goodness..where did the last half of the month go? I haven't blogged in forever! I hurt my eye last Sunday (complete clumsiness!) and haven't been up to doing much the last week. I have quite a few pics of polish and nail art that I have done, including Untried Polish for May that are piling up. So..instead of a really long blog post..there is going to be a few seperate posts all at once...

So, first off..OPI Taylor Blue, now there is a story behind the Taylor Blue. I have been meaning to buy this off the Taylors Gift website for a while and in the meantime I bought a bottle from a blog sale. Then, of course I saw on facebook the other day that signed bottles of Taylor Blue were being sold with one of my fave actors, Alex O'Loughlin! I have a thing for B-Grade tv shows and movies, and Moonlight was a fave :) I picked up a signed bottle of Taylor Blue and a hoodie for a good cause and now I have two bottles of Taylor to use, one to look at, LOL. So onto it, here is my swatch of Taylor Blue.

OPI Taylor Blue signed by Alex O'Loughlin

OPI Taylor Blue signed by Alex O'Loughlin

OPI Taylor Blue signed by Alex O'Loughlin

Do you love it? I do! This is 2 coats with a top coat holding my Alex signed version..The hoodie is a gorgeous aqua and looks so warm and it's shaping up to be a cold winter here is Australia. If you are after Taylor Blue, do check out the store at Taylor's Gift Store

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