Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lush Lacquer Hottie Tottie with Stamping

Evening all, hope everyone has had a great weekend..I'm having a 4 day weekend so I can't complain! Anyways, I have been dying to try one of the Lush Lacquers that I received last week, I had not much success with the previous Jelly Sandwich Mani that I did last slid off the next day! So disappointing  :( The nail polish didn't seem to dry and as the day went on there was crinkling and pitting and turned into putty-like consistency which came off. Grrr. I wonder if it was the Kleancolor not drying (it can be slow) or the mixture of Kleancolor and China Glaze melding into a big mess..ah well. One of my friends gave me a negative review on the combo..the idea was good but the result was a bit sickly for her (Thanks Em!). I think perhaps a nice colored jelly will be the go!

So, onto the blinging out of my current mani....I had an awesome Royal Blue nailpolish combination of Kleancolor Sapphire with the Fantasy Fire topcoat  from yesterday and it was just begging to be blinged up, so I decided the glittery goodness of Hottie Tottie would go well.

Lush Lacquer Hottie Tottie
Hottie Tottie
Look at all the pretty glitter!
 I applied Hottie to my Thumb, Ring and Small finger and stamped the Index and Middle finger with Stargazer Blue Chrome using Bundle Monster plates for most of the nails and a Fauxnad from Ebay for the horse stamp. Top coated with Seche Vite.
I really like how it's turned out, enough to keep it for the week I think!

Lush Lacquer Hottie Tottie, Blue, Bundle Monster, Nail Stamping

Lush Lacquer Hottie Tottie, Blue, Bundle Monster, Nail Stamping
Left hand

Lush Lacquer Hottie Tottie, Blue, Bundle Monster, Nail Stamping
Right  hand
 I think the overall look is awesome! Hottie Tottie was easy to work with and looked great over the blue and the Stargazer chrome polish matches really well. I think I am going to have to have another go at the Max Factor Fantasy Fire thing..over a polish which shows it better. Hottie Tottie can be bought from  Lush Lacquer at their Etsy Shop. I have 3 other awesome polishes to try and they have quite a few other awesome ones to suit everyone!

Let me know what you guys think :)

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