Friday, 18 May 2012

Cheeky Stamping Plate Update!

I just saw on facebook that Cheeky Beauty have just announced that they are going to post international! This is truly awesome news as I have been lusting after a set since seeing them on This is from facebook

Cheeky Chicks, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?!?! We have initiated our WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on Amazon Canada :)
3 items are available:

1. Our 2012 Set of 26 Plates.
2. Our X1 Set of 6 Jumbo Plates.
3. Set of Dotting Tools and Nail Art Brushes.

Just search for Cheeky nail art on

How awesome is that?? I have already ordered the 2012 plates, but I do believe that there is a new set to come out..either way I am just happy to be able to get them.

Here is what I am hope comes soon to add to the collection, I opted for the express shipping (21-28 weeks) for and extra $1 instead of the standard which said up to 68 weeks!

Cheeky Plates
Other good news with nail mail I have received my first Max Factor Fantasy Fire in the mail and will take some photos tomorrow.

Edit. I believe there was a typo on the website and it was meant to be 21-28 days for delivery.

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