Friday, 17 August 2012

Bellabox August

Hello chickys, a quick divergence from the nailpolish world into the skincare/makeup world of which I know a bit but by no means an expert. Hence my Bellabox subscription to try whats out there and get a present every month, how can that be bad for $15? :) Oh, can I just say..where is my nail polish deliveries!? I am expecting a few packages and thus far no nail mail :( So sad. I blame Aus post or the Olympics or that I am just too impatient. Anyways back to the Bellabox, this month is "Go Green" focusing on the more natural products out there.

 Outside delivery packaging

 Inner box of goodies :)

 What's in the box?

 Go Green Products!

 A run down on whats in the box

 Ooh, lots of lovelies

 L-R, Top: Emerginc Phytocell Cream, LUK Beautifood Lip Nourish, Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Be In Awe Skincare Lightening Serum.
Bottom: Be in Awe Calming Serum, Phytocare Daily C, Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wips and Nutri-Synergy NS7 Dry Skin Moisturiser

My thoughts on the individual products?

Emerginc Phytocell Cream- this is to help revitalise, protect and renew the skin. Would be good at night I think.

LUK Beautifood Lip Nourish- I was interested to see what color this was as a few people have been complaining about getting brown. Mine is a rose pink and works well with my skintone so I am very happy. This has Orange and Juniper in it so smells lovely :)
LUK Lip Nourish

Lush Ro's Argan Body Condition- Always happy to get a Lush product :) This one is touted as just like a hair conditioner but for your body..and smells divine!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion- I already own some of this so more than happy to get a travel/purse version :)

Be In Awe Skincare- Calming Serum and Lightening Serum. Interested to try both of these, the lightening serum for sun damage and the calming one as I have sensitive skin. Nice to try

Phytocare Daily C- I guess this fits into the holistic health approach so quite happy to give these a try or take travelling for a boost :)

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hyperallergenic Facial Wipes- very excited to try and yes, travel pack sized (can you tell I am due for a holiday!)

Nutri-Synergy NS7 Dry Skin Moisturiser- this has almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera so moisturinsing without being greasy. This says all over body, but to me it says portable hand/cuticle cream, LOL!

As an added bonus, you can get this You, Me and Every Body hand wash with a purchase from the Bellabox website

Initially I was like "oh great, you have to spend money to get the freebie" but to be honest there is a few things I would like to purchase so I may just end up getting this after all!

Overall very happy with what I got in my box, considering there was no nail polish this time round, LOL. I have some lovely products to take with me on my holidays..just need to be booking that holiday and some I am keen to try now.

Have you gone for a Bellabox before or a LustHaveIt one..opinions?
Working on a polish blog next...Essie with some stamping goodness, yes I have been promising stamping for a while but I am doing it as we speak..I swear!

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  1. Your BB is so much better than mine! I received an eyeliner, but I've now realised it was an eyeliner instead of four! other samples. Boooooo!