Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lilacquer To Protect Love

I had been eyeing off some Lilaquer polishes for a little while until I came across some swatches to show me how amazing they would look on the nail and then I was hooked :) The first ihave to show you today is Lilaquer To Protect Love. To Protect Love is from the movie the Fifth Element collection by Lilacquer Polishes and is such an interesting peach with gold shimmer that hits you in the face. 

Lilaquer To Protect LoveLilaquer To Protect Love
 Lilacquer To Protect Love without and with flash

Lilaquer To Protect Love
Lovely apricot peach with gold shimmer

Lilaquer To Protect Love

Lilaquer To Protect Love
 Peachy gold shimmery goodness!

This polish is lovely and vibrant, the peach is so pretty and the golden sheen just gives it that something extra! This applied really well and I know it looks a little thick on my nails, but that was my fault, I promise! I may have dinged my nails needing a few extra coats, oops! I will do another re-swatch with better looking nails :) I love how this peachy polish looks with my skin tone, so alive and not mannequin hand looking. 

What do you guys think?


  1. There's something about this that hits you that you wouldn't expect from a peach. Love it!