Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Zoya Marina and Cheeky Plates!

Zoya Marina, what can I say! One of the 50 shades of grey and she is oh so pretty with her dark greyness with blue shimmer! Zoya Marina I bought from a blog sale and after my bubble nightmare with Kelly I was a bit trepidatious with Marina. Luckily Marina applied lovely and bubble free. These few Zoyas have really given me a taste for their polishes and I will be picking up some more colors in the near future. Onto Marina!

Zoya MarinaZoya Marina
 Zoya Marina without and with flash. Grey with blue shimmer!

Zoya Marina
 Steel Grey

Zoya Marina

Zoya Marina
Grey and slight blue shimmer :)

Zoya Marina
Grey with shimmer tips :) Pretty and misty looking to me here.

Zoya Marina
Blue Shimmer!
Marina is a lovely grey with beautiful blue shimmer and she is a welcome chick in my polish collection, LOL. I have been lusting after Sooki, Zuzu and FeiFei recently so watch out girls..I will hunt you down!

On another note, Cheeky Summer 2012 plates were released today, finally! I have put in my order as I lurve my stamping nail art. It compensates for my natural no talent at anything artistic although I do really great stick men. Since polish is color based, I do pretty well as I love colors and combining them and stamping appeals to me sense of order and neatness :) Here is a pic of the Cheeky Plates!
Cheeky Plates
I may have also slipped Jumbo Nail Plate 12 in as well due to free shipping, woot! Very excited to have the flame stamp design and the cheats chevron :)

Cheeky Jumbo Plates
You can see and buy the new Summer 2012 and Jumbo plates here so check them out if you are into your nail stamping!

That's it for tonight, hope you liked Marina and if you ordered your Cheeky plates, look forward to them as much as I do! :)


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