Sunday, 22 July 2012

China Glaze Pastel Blue, Green and Pink Water Marble

Sorry for the lack of posts, sometimes life gets in the way of time for lovely nails and being time poor means no time for photos. Today though, my dear friend from work Lisa requested Mint nail polish. So this post is for you Bangers :) As I have recently discovered water marbling and how lovely this looks I thought I would do a minty marble look. My base mint polish was China Glaze Re-freshmint from the Up & Away Collection (2010) and I though Bahamian Escape (Bahama Blue Collection) and Something Sweet (also from the Up & Away Collection) would go lovely for water marbly goodness :)

China Glaze Re-freshmint, Bahamian Escape and Something Sweet

 L-R, China Glaze Re-freshmint, Bahamian Escape and Something Sweet

I started with Ulta3 Base coat and 1 coat of Re-freshmint, I didn't take a photo so have referenced the Swatchaholic :)
China Glaze Re-freshmint
China Glaze Re-freshmint, so minty and lovely :)

I then proceeded to water marble with the 3 colors.. some nails turned out better than others!
Pastel Water Marble
 Left Hand water marble, loving the middle finger nail marble effect :)

Pastel Water Marble
Left Thumb water marble

Pastel Water Marble
Right Hand water marble, loving the pointer finger nail marble effect :)

Pastel Water Marble
Right Thumb water marble

The photos have turned very pastel color wise, which they are in certain light. In non-bright light they are more vibrant, so I have color corrected a photos to show you this, don't mind the Opmpa Loompa skin effect!
Pastel Water Marble

Loving this water marble effect and the mint is awesome :) Thanks Lisa for suggesting the mint polish idea in my head (I even bought Re-freshmint on Tuesday with this in mind!). I am missing the happiness different nail polish color brings at my work so much now, what to do, what to do :(

On another note, I got up today like a good nail polish slave to buy some Sonoma Nail Art polish and had some in my cart on Etsy when I realized they didn't ship to Australia. Darn it. I did manage to get a bottle of all of the Dollish Mario Collection on Friday night (didn't think I was going to purchase any initially though!). I am getting a little bit glitter indie polish saturated..not sure how everyone else out there feels, but the hype is running it's course with me. I don't want to bun fight for polish anymore. I am wanting some Zoya's and Essies though so might focus on calmly purchase some colors there!

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