Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH stamping

Sorry for the super slackness of not posting yesterday, work so interferes with life sometimes! So to make it up, I will show you Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH stamping in this post and in the next, some awesome Nail Mail :)
Onto the Pepper Pot mani..I wanted to have a go at my new MASH plates that I received this week (along with my Bundle Monster and Red Angel plates). I ordered both the older and new MASH plates and thought Pepper pot would make a good back ground. The surprise of using Pepper Pot was that it was pretty thick and a jelly! I did thin it out a bit, but it was still very difficult to work with, bleh :( I am also not loving my cuticles or nails at the moment, I blame winter.

Ulta3 Pepper PotUlta3 Pepper Pot

 Ulta3 Pepper Pot with and without flash

Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH plate stamping
 Right Hand with stamping using MASH plates, loving the flames :)

Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH plate stampingUlta3 Pepper Pot with MASH plate stamping
 Right hand without and with flash

Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH plate stamping
 Right thumb with stamping, it looks cool doesn't it?

Ulta3 Pepper Pot with MASH plate stamping
Left Hand stamping on my Iphone

For this particular look I used Ulta3 Base Coat, 2 Coats of Ulta3 Pepper Pot and I stamped with Sally Hansen White out. I did an accent nail with Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart :) I found Pepper Pot so hard to apply, it bled into the cuticles even with careful application and the clean up was so hard due to the pigmentation (as you can see above!). I was super happy with MASH plate designs (the angel wings are a Red Angel plate- that is another story!) but I can't wait to try a better mani with the MASH plates, not just a random sample one, LOL.

This was just a quick fun mani, just to try the stamping plates, so I'll have something less random next time! Hope you are all having a great weekend, extended for me..the joys of shiftwork :)

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