Sunday, 8 July 2012

Picture Polish Wisteria and OPI Rainbow Connection Jelly Sandwich

On Wednesday of last week I decided to experiment with the concept of the Jelly Sandwich again. As some of you may recall (or if not you can find it on this blog) my last attempt of a Jelly sandwich wasn't so hot. The effect was too nude/dead fingers and it ended up sliding off my nails the next day, urgh! So this time I played around with a few colors on a swatch until I was happy with how it was going to look and this is what I came up with :)

Purple Jelly Sandwich
I give you the Purplicious Jelly Sandwich

This is what I used to create it :)
Picture Polish Wisteria
Ulta3 Base coat and 2 coats of Picture Polish Wisteria

Picture Polish WisteriaPicture Polish Wisteria
Picture Polish Wisteria is such a lovely color on its own.

Then I added a glitter layer of OPI's Rainbow Connection
OPI Rainbow Connection
OPI Rainbow Connection

OPI Rainbow Connection over Picture Polish Wisteria
One layer of Rainbow Connection over Wisteria

OPI Rainbow Connection over Picture Polish WisteriaOPI Rainbow Connection over Picture Polish Wisteria
Rainbow Connection and Wisteria, without and with flash

Then to complete the Jelly Sandwich I topped Rainbow Connection with 2 coats of OPI I Pink I Love You
OPI I Pink I Love You
OPI I Pink I Love You

Purple Jelly Sandwich
Final Result of the Jelly Sandwich, a lilac looking sandwich with suspended glitter :)

Purple Jelly Sandwich
Depending on the light can look quite purple....

Purple Jelly Sandwich
....or light Lilac

The completed Jelly Sandwich pics were taken after 4 days wear, so please excuse the tip wear. Even then the wear was awesome and minimal! I loved, loved, loved this mani so much that I still have it on and it's only coming off as I need to have more "work appropriate" nail attire. Whatever. I will definitely have another go at a different type of jelly sandwich, as technically I didn't use a jelly polish but the layering technique was there and I love the endless combination you can try :)

 Hope you liked the jelly sandwich, what's your fav color combo for your sandwiches?


  1. I really love that. I would love to try jelly sandwiche's but I don't think I have any polishes which would do the job at the moment. Pity about work (boo) you should put it on your toenails so you can rock the jelly in secret :D :D

    1. LOL, your comment made me smile :) I am rocking China Glaze Purple Panic on my toes, it's neon pink! Hehe. I didn't think I had jelly polishes either, but its really just your topcoat that needs to be sheer-ish.