Monday, 25 June 2012

Kleancolor Sandstone, Ulta3 Early Grey and Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever Gradient

Tonight, I am going to show you a lovely neutral gradient mani that I did after my Flying Dragon Floam mani peeled off after I may have used Ulta3 Non Chip top coat instead of the base, oopsie! I will show the result in just a moment, it's not exactly super pretty, but it's art I tell! LOL. The colors I used are here:
Kleancolor Sandstone, Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever, Ulta3 Earl Grey

But first, I don't usually do rants because you always upset someone, but I've just read something on another blog of whose name I won't mention because she doesn't deserve it. Seriously. I am that so astonished and incensed at what I read that I am not going to mention her name, but I am sure you can guess who/what it's about with recent polish world goings on. ANY respect I had for this polisher as a person has gone, gondidy, gone, gone. I am not even going to go into what it says but it left me thinking "Oh my giddy aunt and are you freakin' serious?" I haven't read anything so delusional, nor more clarifying of how I feel about the whole thing. I was a bit Switzerland on the whole thing until today. Now I understand why a few people reacted like they did and their actions. My actions will be to not enable any further delusions of grandeur you think the average chick wants polish at super inflated prices supported by the creator? Not this one. Simple as that.

Anyways, moving forward, I hear Dollish, Pretty & Polished AND Crows Toes have joined exciting! I have managed to order some Dollish polishes and am waiting for them. I also have some Pretty & Polished polishes which I love and was sad when she announced that she wasn't going to ship internationally. Also was lusting after some of the Crows Toes polishes but again no international shipping, now not a problem! I shall make some mine :) Lets go forthwith onto the gradient mani!

The colors I used, Kleancolor Sandstone (42), Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever and Earl Grey. I was hoping to achieve a neutral but still interesting mani! I applied Ulta3 base coat, 2 coats of Kleancolor Sandstone. Then took a makeup sponge and painted 3 lines of polish with Kleancolor Sandstone at the top, Gold Rush Fever in the middle and Earl Grey down the bottom. The polish lines made up the length of my nail and then I dabbed and moved the sponge up and down slightly. This is the result.

Beige, gold and taupe mani
I like the foil shiny effect, even though Earl Grey is a creme

Beige, gold and taupe mani

Beige, gold and taupe mani
 Beige, Gold, Taupe gradient with flash

Beige, gold and taupe mani
With a change in light/angle the gold can look gold or bronze, the bronze doesn't mesh quite as well.
After a day I tired of the neutralness and thought, stamping..have at it. I'd swatched Kleancolor Coffee Addict previously and thought it would go well, so did a few accent stamping nails to make this mani bling a bit :)

Beige Gradient Mani with nail art stamping
 Left hand stamping using Konad and Bundlemonster

Beige Gradient Mani with nail art stampingBeige Gradient Mani with nail art stamping
 Left Thumb stamping with Cheeky Plates

Beige Gradient Mani with nail art stamping
 Right hand stamping with Cheeky plates and Bundle Monster

Beige Gradient Mani with nail art stamping

Beige Gradient Mani with nail art stampingBeige Gradient Mani with nail art stamping
 Right Thumb without and with flash

 The stamping transforms this gradient mani from pleasant to great. I particularly like the thumbs as one looks very giraffe pattern like and the other thumb looks snake skin like! A very happy co-incidence. This also answers my posed question does Kleancolor Coffee Addict stamp well? Yes, yes it does. I did a top coat with Seche Vite and there was no bleeding of the stamped design as with some Kleancolor colors.
Phew, that turned out to be a bit of a marathon post..I hope you didn't mind and congrats if you made it all the way to the end! Hope your week is going well, I get to sleep in tomorrow before my shift and am mightly looking forward to it :)


  1. LOVE that... no idea what you were ranting about (maybe thankfully by the sounds of it) but loved your nails hehe :)
    The stamps are adorable too :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm trying to get a bit more adventurous with color combos :) Hmm, there is trouble in the indie polish world, lets just say that..