Friday, 8 June 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede do your manicures come into life? Do you plan the color combination carefully, do you sit down and look at your swatches for inspiration or do you just start with a color and add as you go? Alot of the time my mani's have a formed idea of how I want things to look, other times bit just get added as I go. I also try not to have 2 mani's in a row that are the same color to try and mix it up, otherwise purple and blue would be the majority, but it also makes you try some wonderful other colors. I received some nail mail today and tomorrow you can see what I chose for my next mani!

Otherwise, to end up the week of purple I have OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede. Just a quick word on the Suedes, I was like "isn't it just a matte" but nooo, the texture is not plain old matte like and they are seriously lovely polishes!

OPI Lincoln Park After DarkOPI Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark without and with flash

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
 Extreme up close purple goodness!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
You can see the silver foil underlying the purple

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
With Flash

The photos of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark do not do this justice! It looks so pretty and purple and was a 1 coater for me. I am sure it would chip like crazy but a top coat would kill the matte finish effect, but it's so worth it! I grabbed a few other suede's whilst I was at the nail supply store and am glad that I did. Tomorrow I think I am going to have pick a Girly Bits polish that was delivered to show you the awesomeness.

Do you have any grand plans for the long weekend? I have a birthday to go to and some grout scrubbing to do and of course an AWESOME mani to complete and make me happy :)

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