Saturday, 16 June 2012

Layla Mirror Effects

Layla Mirror Effects have finally hit our shores, and I have a mini review of them and to show you the colors tonight. There are 8 shades in the latest of the Layla colors (they do have a thing with releasing polishes in eights) and most of the colors are what I would call muted or dusky shades. Some of them can look a bit same same in tone :( These polishes are a bit on the expensive end of polish prices with a retail price of $19.95 but they are usually worth the price for the awesomeness! On to the because I was super lazy I swatched one color per nail, hehe.
Warning, it may hurt your eyes to look at all the shinyness!

Layla Metallic Effects
 From L-R, Metal Chrome, Cosmo Lilac, Pink Iron, Titanium Sky, Purple Diva, Red Hot, Metal Plum and Black as Ebony

Layla Metallic Effects
The Layla Mirror Effect file that comes with the polish.

All the Layla polishes were applied after using the special Emery board to create a super shiny base. This polish is very unforgiving and shows up every ridge and imperfection. A shiny base coat should work, but I swatched with one coat over no base.

Layla Metal Chrome
Metal Chrome- Metallic Silver

Layla Cosmo Lilac
Cosmo Lilac- Light Pink Mauve

Layla Pink Iron
 Pink Iron - Medium Pink

Layla Titanium Sky
Titanium Sky- Light Silver Blue

Layla Purple Diva
Purple Diva- Light Purple

Layla Red Hot
Red Hot- Erm, Dark Mauve? (So not Red!)

Layla Metal Plum
Metal Plum - Metal Plummy color 

Layla Black as Ebony
Black as Ebony -Gunmetal Grey
Okay, so the Mirror effects are very, very shiny and mirror like. I think I could see myself in my nails! I think I should have buffed my nails better with the Emery board or even did a proper nail buff before that to remove some ridges. The formula to apply was thin, and pretty good coverage with one coat, but 2 coats would have been better for finish effect.

The colors I loved- Metal Chrome, Pink Iron, Purple Diva and Metal Plum. Yes, only slight differences between some..I really liked how Silver the Metal Chrome turned out, I liked how soft the Pink Iron looked, I loved the purple as purple is always awesome and the Metal Plum I was surprised I loved but it grew on me alot and I think its awesome.

I was disappointed that the blue wasn't more blue and the Cosmo Lilac was a bit light for my liking. The black really wasn't that black, but more gunmetal, maybe another coat would have make it more pigmented. Red Hot was nice, but not really necessary considering the other colors.

Hope you liked the post, and I'll post some glitters and stamping with the Mirror Effect polishes tomorrow :)

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