Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nubar Earth

A color called "Earth" brings to mind a browney, chocolatey color in my visual mind of nail polish colors, you think? Nubar though has different ideas. Earth according to them is a dark green blue color that changes with the light. Maybe it's the color of how the earth looks from space? Anyways, just wanted to show you this lovely color from Nubar.

Nubar EarthNubar EarthNubar Earth
Nubar with no flash, different light angle and with flash

Nubar Earth
 Nubar Earth front on

Nubar Earth
Nubar Earth with Flash, could it be any greener?

Nubar Earth
 Little blue flecks coming through in the light

Nubar Earth
 Noice silvery blue sheen :)

Nubar Earth
 Blue tones takes finally overtake the green ones here!

As you can see, this polish is quite dark greeney/bluey which is quite vampy for a green! But I think there is enough light blue tones to take this polish beyond boring ole green. This was 1 coat of Nubar over a base coat, no top coat. I think a top coat would enhance the color alot and make it oh-so-shiny. In my head I want to stamp it..and glitter it. But then I can't help myself, the more polish the better! The polish was really easy to work and dried in standard time.
Not sure Nubar Earth is everyone's cup of tea...what do you think?


  1. Really pretty but I was expecting Earth to be a brown shade too :)