Sunday, 17 June 2012

Layla Mirror Effect, stamped and glittered!

Good evening to you all, after posting the new Layla Mirror Effect polishes yesterday, today I decided to play around with the polishes and trying some mirror on mirror stamping and layering a few different glitters to see what looks I could create and if top coat took down the mirror effect.

A quick refresh of the Layla Mirror Effects colors below
Layla Mirror Effects
Does it bother anyone else that the lids don't all line up? LOL....and now onto the stamping.

On my left hand I tried a few combination of light colors over the supposedly darker ones and a dark color over the lighter ones.
Layla Mirror Effects
 Mirror on Mirror action

Layla Mirror Effects
 Black as Ebony over Purple Diva, no flash

Layla Mirror Effects
 Black as Ebony over Purple Diva with flash. I found this muddy more than black

Layla Mirror Effects
 Metal Chrome stamped over Pink Iron and Metal Plum

Layla Mirror Effects
 Ring Finger is stamped with Cosmo Lilac over Red Hot

Layla Mirror Effects
 Little finger has Titanium Sky over Black as Ebony.

So, from the stamping you can see that the mirror effects stamp reasonably well..putting all the colors together make the mani just look like a big hot mess and a muted one at that. The Metal Chrome stamps and looks pretty good over nearly anything. The Titanium Sky and Cosmo Lilac look good as well. The Black as Ebony looks pretty average in my opinion as either a stamp or base color. It is fast becoming my least fav color! Keep in mind that most of these Mirror polishes will look awesome over creme and darker polishes :)

My right hand got the glitter treatment with Mirror Effect polishes as a base..I contrasted a few and matched a few colors.
Layla Mirror Effects with Glitter
 Glitter Ahoy!

Ozotic 528 over Layla Mirror Effects
 Cosmo Lilac with Ozotic 528 over it, the glitter looks embedded and disappears :( Don't recommend.

Nails Inc Electric Lane over Layla Mirror EffectsNails Inc Electric Lane
 Metal Chrome with Nails Inc Electric Lane, adds that extra bling. This has Seche topcoat as well, so still darned blingy

OPI Last Friday Night over Layla Mirror EffectsOPI Last Friday Night
Titanium Sky with OPI Last Friday Night, I actually like this look better than just the Layla polish alone.

Kleancolor Silver star over Layla Mirror EffectsKleancolor Silver Star
Purple Diva with Kleancolor Silver Star, the holo stars look awesome.

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the HeartPahlish Total Eclispe of the Heart

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart over Layla Mirror Effects
 Red Hot with Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart over it. This looks great but mars the mirror effect a bit too much.

Layla Mirror Effects with Glitter over the top
 The glitters without flash and with flash.

As you can see some add and some detract from the Mirror blingyness :) Most of the top coats do dull the mirror effect of the Laylas but they are still plenty reflective. I really like Pahlish's Total Eclipse of the Heart, OPI Last Friday Night and Kleancolor Silver Star (although I had to go fishing for the stars!) over the Layla Mirror Effects as they brightening the overall look. The Mirror effects colors can be quite dull whilst blindingly shiny :)

Hope this helps you with choosing and using the Layla Mirror Effects. Let me know your thoughts :)


  1. Ooh where did you buy your Layla's from? Hmm, I don't think the Mirror polishes are very me but I'm really keen to try some Laylas. More Nail Polish is co-ordinating a group buy for Aussie's from Layla's website so I've put in my order with her for half a dozen polishes. Very excited:)

    1. I bought my Layla's from Hairhouse Warehouse. I was suprised with a few I thought I would like, and didn't and vice versa. I am thinking on the More Nail Polish order for the new Holo colors, depends if they work out more or less than $20/polish to buy with shipping etc.